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What should we care anytime during the purchase of a cart?

We first need to think about growth and the number of children, because if we will have twins or three children, you would normally need a special cart.


If you do decide to cart a newborn baby, you should be aware of the stretched out in the last level of the stand, so it is advisable to have several levels.

The closure

Check the closing mechanism and the opening while you are in the store, making sure to not be very complicated to maneuvering. Imagine you'll walk out and you only have a mechanism as simple to close with one hand.

The height of handpiece

 Also handpiece height and mobility are very important. It would be better if the height is adjusted in order to be suitable for everyone.  Most suitable height is it that of the waist.

The fuses and seat belts

Safety seat belts should function perfectly. Belts usually at cart are located in three points through the shoulders and feet of the child. If the cart will not be used for regular space, then seat belts are placed in five places.

Button that can be regulated

There are cart that by pressing a button you can put your baby with face of you. This type of carriage is very practical if there is no comfort or The sun runs at the eyes.


The safety of the child is the main point

Carts should not have places where your little ones can shoot fingers (especially check the closure and opening mechanism) should be strong and stable, because they should not expect the child to remain calm at all times.

The dimensions of the cart

If you live in mansions, it suggested to buy cart light and small, that are lighter in custody. Also elevators across mansions have not the same width, so it would be advisable to measure the size of the elevator before purchasing a cart. As well as ....... Decide on the extent of the the cart.

Weight of the cart

The more severe the cart, so more will be stable and secure, despite the fact that light carts are the easy to transport.


The big wheels enable a comfortable movement and are more resistant to steep slopes. So if you plan to walk through that  your child , you should think about big wheels. It is important that the wheels behave and desist if necessary.

The material

It is preferred that the material in the cart to be as light in custody. Since each part can be removed and washed in the washing machine and after easily removed and decide. The color of the material is according to your taste, but they are always preferential neutrals as for girls and for boys Thus, if you plan more children.

The roof

It is very important, because it protects baby from sun, wind, rain. Check how you can sitthe roof.  It  may be found and a full-blown space where you can see your child.

Mother's bag

Bag through cart is always necessary to put every kind of thing that will get along for a walk. It is most appropriate that things be placed in the the cart bag than be heavy  at the lateral border of the the cart, which makes the cart rotate.

Coverage for feet

Carts often comes with a cover on foot, with the help of a chain joins in the background. It is very good for the winter, because do not need to take your blanket to protect your child from cold.

The cover against rain

This cover also comes with most of the carts. It's practical and can  be put at any moment to cart  if  the rain starts, simply and easily.

What cart’s type exist ?

Standard carts

Seat is available in three ways, but it is not easy in custody. There is a great number of choices to standard carts models, as well as additional parts that come with it (cover against rain, umbrellas, land holding cup, ...).

Portbebe carts for newborns

Portbebe-a (basket) which is installed on cartis  practical in the first months, then the child grows and is not used anymore.

Baby’s seat carts

This cart is practical and usable automatically even in the early days. Easily  installed and if the baby is at sleep can be moved easily  to the car without worry. Exist  baby’seat carts and portbebe carts, which are 3ne1 carts. Baby’seat or portbebe-can be held even in the hands.

Umbrell’s carts

There are umbrella’s  carts that have large, wheels, easy in movement, but not in retreat. The other type of carts umbrella is ideal for children at adult age, are easier and have easier wheels at maneuvering. Ideal for trips and practical for transport. When buying a cart check if they have .... to protect the child from the sun.

Carts for twins

These cart must be comfortable for the child from birth, that means  to have control levels. There are carts that their seats are one after another, to make wider and heavier in over every door types, and therefore they are more practical that a seat carts have one after the other.

What accessories are needed for a cart?

Accessories are not so important, but may be practical. They purchased separately, depending on customer request.


In addition umbrellas  are  used to carts that do not have the upper layer. They can be found in many types, color and design.

Games that can be placed on carts

They are not necessary, but can be enjoyable for a child during a  long walk .Before the closure must be removed to avoid difficulties during the closure.

The Bag

In case you have not gained the cart’s bag,  you should definitely get one, because they are necessary.